Math operations for the first years of school


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KKuentas is an application with which students in their first years of elementary school will be able to solve some Math problems.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; these are the operations that can be carried out by the user with this program. There's ’KKuentas’ for one digit and for more than one.

The apprentice must solve the problems by carrying out the middle steps. Numbers are inserted into the form by clicking on the buttons. If the proposed result is incorrect the program will warn you.

KKuentas comes with history that tracks all the problems solved or attempted by the user, telling you which ones were solved correctly and which ones weren’t. This tool is very useful for parents to keep track of their kids' math studies.

All of this comes combined with a very good-looking interface, and with nice backgrounds and characters that cheer you on as you solve the problems.
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